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Happy Twins

About Us

Our Why

As an amusement ride hire business, our driving force is to empower connectivity and create joy by providing unforgettable experiences that bring individuals and communities together.


"You provide the venue, and we will provide the fun." Our mission at Fun Solutions is to deliver exceptional entertainment experiences that surpass expectations. With our fully trained and professional staff, we guarantee a safe and entertaining event suitable for all ages. We take pride in ensuring that every event is filled with laughter, excitement, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Kids in Bouncy Castle

What we do

At Fun Solutions, we've got more twists, turns and loops than a roller coaster of bad puns (and that's saying something!). We're the masters of amusement ride hire, ready to turn your events into an unforgettable blast of joy and laughter!

Need a Ferris Wheel for your kiddo's birthday? You betcha! Want a bucking blast for your corporate shindig? Consider it done! From heart-stopping thrills to gentle giggles, we've got rides that's tickle your funny bone and take your event to the next level.

Kids with Capes

Who we are

We're the fun squad, a bunch of fun-loving, down to earth, adventure-crazed individuals that team up as superheroes to bring your event to life as we're committed by one mission: to spread laughter and smiles faster than a speeding bullet!

Children Playing on Bouncy Castle
Who We Serve

At Fun Solutions, we serve anyone of any age and everyone brave enough to chase fun like it's the last slice of pizza! 

Calling all kiddos who are ready to giggle till their cheeks hurt. Step right up, birthday boys and girls, 'cause we've got the wildest rides to turn your special day into a carnival extravaganza!

Corporate honchos, put down those spreadsheets and grab your cowboy hats!

So whether you're a tiny tot or a seasoned adventurer, bring your sense of humour and a dash of courage - we've got a ride with your name on it! 

The fun never stops, and we're here to serve up smiles and amusement to one and all whether your event be BIG or "small"

So leave your worries behind and let's get this Chair O Plane whisk the little one's, teens and child at heart adults away  to a whimsical world that will leave you  spinning with happiness!

Health and Safety

Welcome aboard the safety express!

Your wellbeing is our top priority at Fun Solutions, and we're here to make sure your amusement ride experience is as fun as it is safe!

Our team adheres to strict safety protocols, ensuring that all equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, operators are trained to safely operate and our policies reviewed regularly for continued safety. 

Safety Wear
Holding Plant

Eco-warriers, behold the greenest, cleanest and meanest amusement ride provider this side of the solar system!

We're more than just thrill-seekers - we're environmental enthusiasts promoting sustainability with a mission to protect our planet while we spin and twirl.

We actively work towards reducing our carbon footprint and implementing eco-friendly practices. By choosing us, you are supporting a business that prioritizes the environment.


What Clients Say

“The crew at Fun Solutions are our first stop for extras to enhance our community events.
Their good ideas combined with their efficient and professional service make them a great addition to any event”

Kyla Lange
Waikato Rugby Union

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