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Amusement Hire

Ready to take your excitement to the next level? 

Book one, two, three or more wild attraction rides now and buckle up for the most thrilling spin, bounce, climb, soar of your life! 

We have an assortment like you're at the candystore to ensure you have just what you're looking for!

Trust us, children and your own inner child alike will thank you later! Don't delay, let's turn that Event you're planning into one of sheer laughter and be one to remember for years to come!

Our service and rates includes set up, pack down. FREE travel for Local to Hamilton, NZ. A travel/delivery fee may be charged depending on your location.

Some of the equipment comes with an operator to supervise and run it for you and some can be self-operated. You can also have an optional operator if you wish.

All you need is space and an adequate power supply, although we do have generators for hire when power supply is an issue.

Our inflatables operate through rain or shine!

Bouncy Combo
Interactive inflatable bouncy with slide
Self operated

Bouncy Castles

Inflatable Slides
 Trained operator provided

Interactive inflatables
 Trained operator provided

Obstacle Courses
 Trained operator provided